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Your bathroom and kitchen are two of the most used rooms in your home. You probably take your shower, sinks, and toilet for granted until something stops working the same way it always has. You know what we mean, you’re brushing your teeth and now the sink doesn’t quite drain immediately, or your toilet acts like it might overflow, but then doesn’t. Perhaps you’ve found yourself standing ankle deep in gray water while showering. Yuck.

filling sinkThese are all signs of slow, dirty drains. The good news is that all of our plumbers here at Jones Plumbing & Drain Service, Inc can help when your drains are slow and nothing seems to be moving like it used to as far as your home’s pipes are concerned. Our drain cleaning and rooter services can fish out everything from greasy hair clogs to food debris to even things like tree roots in your sewer line. We’ve been cleaning drains and rooting out problem sewer lines since 1984.

Sewer Line Clogs – Know the Signs

  • Toilets, bathtub, showers, and sinks throughout your house are clogged or slow.
  • You flush the toilet and water gurgles up your tub or shower.
  • When you use your washing machine, your bathtub drain or toilet overflows.
  • You run water in the sink and the water rises in your toilet.
  • You notice pools of water forming on your bathroom or kitchen floors next to the tub or sink.
  • You smell rotten food coming from the kitchen sink.
  • You have an insect problem like cockroaches or fruit flies.

Before a dirty drain or sewer line clog causes a huge headache, if your drains are slowing down or you notice any of the signs above, it’s time to call Jones Plumbing & Drain Service, Inc. Don’t delay. We can have the tools to clean your drains, root out clogs and even special cameras to find hidden problems in your plumbing and sewer or septic system.

Don’t let clogs become a poopy problem, call us instead.

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